New Horizons ramps up summer training offerings

More Walk-in courses to meet end of year training demand
  • Liz Tay (Computerworld)
  • 04 December, 2006 15:55

Summer has arrived in Australia, and with the advent of the holiday season comes the sun, the surf and training opportunities to occupy IT staff during the traditional lull of business activity during the warmer months.

To meet the demand for training during December and January, New Horizons Computer Learning Centres has ramped up its offerings with more than forty classes running across the country each month, most of which will be run everyday via a 'Walk-in' program.

"Training is popular with IT staff at this time of year because demands on their time are usually lower when information workers are on leave," said Paul Hughes, Senior Account Manager at New Horizons. "So it is easier to schedule staff to attend training programmes."

Course offerings are primarily focussed on IT technical training, desktop applications training, and on business skills training, and range in price from $580 for a one-day Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database administrator course to $3,500 for a five-day ethical hacking certification course.