Catholic teachers educate on open standards

Three-year management contract for national network

The Catholic Education Network (CEnet) has signed a three-year deal for management of the online learning platform currently in use across 1220 Australian Catholic primary and high schools.

The deal, spanning three years, is worth $6 million and includes maintenance and upgrades for the entire network, which is currently used by over 500,000 students.

The platform, Mysuite, developed by education development house Editure, is already in use across some Catholic schools. It is a platform built on open standards that delivers the Catholic syllabus online.

Greg Whitby, chairman of CEnet, and representative of one of the Catholic groups to sign the deal, said the network encourages inter-school collaboration, sharing of resources and a reduction in duplication.

"Some Catholic schools are already utilizing the Mysuite solution and this is an exciting opportunity for all Catholic systemic schools to benefit from a networked learning environment," Whitby said.

"As educators we need to provide a relevant and rich learning experience for our students using the most effective learning tools available."

Kim Ford, CEO of Editure, said the platform has already been rolled out and this deal covers maintenance, support, and upgrades to the system for the next three years.

Ford said Editure just provides secure access to the Internet and collaboration tools. The syllabus is provided by the Catholic Education Network.

"We will soon have one in seven kids in Australia with access to an Internet-based learning environment," Ford said.

"Mysuite has been rolled out already and we have been working on the network for some time."