ACMA announces spectrum review

Demand growing from all users

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today announced an independent review of government spectrum holdings.

The goal is to achieve a balance between government use of radio frequency spectrum and private use.

ACMA has commissioned SpectrumWise Radiocommunications Consulting to provide the review which is being driven by growing demand from all users.

ACMA chairman Chris Chapman said it is this demand which forces the ACMA into a position where it has to arbitrate on spectrum use.

"While it is vital that governments continue to have access to sufficient spectrum to discharge their functions, we need to be forever mindful that spectrum access is emerging worldwide as a 'key enabler' for the information economy," Chapman said.

"As ACMA faces growing demand for spectrum from both the government and non-government sectors, this is a looming and important challenge and requires a preparedness to rethink the status quo and traditional paradigms to optimize delivery."

The review will be conducted over the next six months and will involve extensive consultation with spectrum stakeholders, particularly the Department of Defence.

More information on the review is available from SpectrumWise at: