Sigaba updates e-mail security, other products

Security vendor Sigaba announced this week upgrades to its e-mail security and statement-generation software packages.

Available now, Secure E-mail 5.0 and Secure Statements 5.0 work with the SigabaNet security platform that offers customers policy setting, workflow, reporting, authentication services, key services, filtering and auditing features. New features for both products give users greater manageability through role-based administration for decentralized organizations, gateway LDAP support that eases policy set-up and administration, and simplified trust-point management, according to officials.

Secure E-mail lets organizations securely send messages that are scanned for compliance and feature sender and recipient authentication and support for digital signatures. Secure Statements is designed to help organizations generate and manage statements - health-related, financial, and otherwise -- securely, according to company officials.

Sigaba has also added security enhancements to both products, including the inclusion of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, which is a type of public-key cryptography based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields, as well as updated FIPS certification from the government.

End-user benefits with version 5.0 of Secure E-mail and Secure Statements include options for secure Web mail sending and receiving, officials say.

Pricing for the upgraded products range based on the size of an organization and its requirements, officials say. Average pricing for Secure E-mail 5.0 is roughly US$46,000 for a one-year term, including support, while the cost for Secure Statements 5.0 is around US$31,000 for a one-year term for an organization sending 10,000 statements per month, including support.