Corporate Express joins up as ACS sponsor

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has signed up IT business supplier Corporate Express as the 84th sponsor of the ACS foundation.

Initially the partnership will allow best pricing on hardware, software and consulting services as well as half-price entry into ACS-sponsored seminars and events for its members.

ACS president Philip Argy said the society is the "only registered charity in Australia dedicated to the IT industry", adding that part of the deal involves transferring a proportion of purchases companies make through Corporate Express into "rewards points" that can be allocated towards offering a student an ACS scholarship.

Argy said the partnership will help achieve the society's goal of attracting more kids into IT, as well as helping the public in appreciating the importance of professionalism in the IT industry. Offering such special deals on IT equipment will also help in attracting students, especially women, to the IT industry.

Marcus Heron, IT solutions general manager with Corporate Express said it is up to the Corporate Express marketing team to ensure the products offered at a discount through ACS membership reach enterprise clients, as well as the students the ACS is attempting to attract.

"From an individual student point of view they will all have access to the specials that we (Corporate Express) offer and it is up to my marketing team to make sure the products we offer are broad ranging enough to reach both the enterprise and the student community," Heron said.

"In the first array of specials of low-priced notebooks we will offer a laptop at under $1000; low-end MFDs could be used by students."

Part of the partnering deal for Corporate Express users involves best pricing on hardware and software, 10 percent off services and half-price entry to ACS-sponsored seminars and events. Free freight on orders above $250 is also offered to ACS members through Corporate Express, as well as the offer to redeem "rewards points" as ACS scholarships.