Corrective Services locks up disparate records

The NSW Department of Corrective Services has inked a $300,000 deal to implement an enterprise content management (ECM) system for its 6000 staff across 150 locations.

The current document management system is used by one team and inaccessible to the rest of the organization. However, new technology from Tower Software will allow the department to deploy an enterprise-wide system.

The department's director of information management Peter Konstantin said the solution, Trim Context, will replace fragmented and disparate records management practices.

"These are often repositories of information too small to call silos," he said.

The new information management system will allow the department to streamline processes and comply with the State Records Act.

"We have and will continue to explore the value of the application especially with respect of its interface with other core business applications," Konstantin said. "The full extent of the benefits will emerge as the department builds a strategic information management framework around TRIM."

Konstantin said the previous system didn't allow shared access to documents and the goal is to establish virtual teams conducting unified case management of offenders' progress through correctional services. It would eliminate duplicated effort and ensure staff have access to the information needed to do their jobs when they need it, he said.

A simple solution was also required, Konstantin said, to reduce the need for extensive training programs.

Konstantin wants to build on the infrastructure and allow departments and staff the ability to develop their own applications.

He said IT staff have just completed a six-week pilot and can begin enterprise-wide deployment.

Each operational unit will appoint an 'information representative' who will work with IT to create the applications they need in TRIM.

"We are also looking at using TRIM Context to drive reporting dashboards and workflow applications," he added.