Minter Ellison deploys docs management to 1900 staff

Law firm Minter Ellison has signed a deal with Australian document processing and exchange software company DocsCorp to buy 1900 licences of its pdfDocs software.

The firm will be rolling out the solution to offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, and overseas to offices in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok.

The solution will be integrated with Minter Ellison's WorkSite 8 Document Management (DM) system from Interwoven, enabling employees to save PDF versions of documents directly into the DM system or take existing documents from WorkSite and render immediately to PDF format.

Minter Ellison national applications manager Garry Meikle said the product is an ideal fit for Minter Ellison's PDF and scan requirements.

"It enables our business to more easily create, manage and share documents in the universal PDF format," Meikle said.

DocsCorp has also announced a new licensing agreement with software provider Advanced Professional Solutions (APS).

APS will provide AdvanceDocs, a re-branded OEM version of DocsCorp's pdfDocs, as a standard feature of its advance practice management, accounting and tax software.

The company hopes that this will result in an additional 16,000 users of AdvanceDocs in Australia, NZ and UK over the next 12 months, doubling DocsCorp's current user base and extending the use of AdvanceDocs/pdfDocs to around 2000 organizations globally.

As part of the agreement, DocsCorp will also provide the pdfDocs programming toolkit for APS to implement additional functionality, such as built in PDF capabilities in APS practice management, tax, and accounts software.