Accton readies wireless mesh gear for Q3 launch

Taiwanese networking equipment maker Accton plans to begin shipping its own line of wireless mesh gear during the third quarter.

After two years of development, Accton Technology, a Taiwanese manufacturer of networking equipment, plans to begin shipping a line of WLAN (wireless LAN) mesh networking products during the third quarter, the company said Monday.

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Accton designs and manufactures networking products under contract for brand-name vendors, which sell the products to customers under their own brands.

Accton's upcoming wireless mesh product line, called Wireless Intelligent Transport Network (WITnet), are based on the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.11s standard. The products will be on show at the Computex exhibition, which opens Tuesday in Taipei. Samples of the first products, which include indoor and outdoor access points, will be shipped to customers in August, the company said.

Mesh networks can be used to cover a large area, such as a town or campus. They are designed to be flexible and do not have a centralized structure. Instead, all of the access points in a mesh network are able to transmit packets by the most efficient route to their destination, making these networks more resilient when a failure occurs.

Another characteristic of mesh networks is the ability to add or remove nodes without affecting the operation of the network. Mesh networks are able to recognize the presence of a new node and incorporate it into the network. Likewise, they are able to detect when a node has been removed and will adjust how network traffic is routed accordingly.

Computex runs through Friday, June 4.