Book review: Increasing your salary

As conventional wisdom has it, the best way to increase your compensation is to get a job with a new company. However, with employers focusing on keeping their employees, it is becoming easier to significantly increase your compensation while staying at the same company. But don't just wait for your boss to waltz into your office with a 15 per cent raise. If you want large salary increases in your current job, read Ron and Caryl Krannich's new book, Get a Raise in 7 Days.

The book begins with some basic information about compensation; it then offers a strategy for researching your position and meeting with your boss to ask for a raise. It helps you perfect a pitch that focuses on what you have done and will do for your company, not why you would like more money. It also helps in figuring out when to compromise if your boss doesn't bite.

Ironically, one of this book's strengths is the authors' realism: They explain some companies' pay scales and give tips for getting a promotion if that's what it will take to get a raise. And they point out that if your company is in financial trouble, or if you do the recommended research and find that you are earning approximately what you should be, reading a book won't get you a raise.


Get a Raise in 7 Days

Ron and Caryl Krannich

Impact Publications, 1999

ISBN: 1-57023-099-4

$US14.95, paperback, 193 pages