Racing against the clock

  • Amy Schurr (Computerworld)
  • 19 February, 2002 15:33

A reader named Melissa wrote to ask for some information about time management, a perennial challenge. "I am an extremely hard worker who is very dedicated, but lately I find myself at the point where I just have way too much to do - and of course not enough time to do it all," she says. Does that sound familiar?

Most of us are familiar with the time-management bible, Stephen Covey's "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." But if you need additional pointers on how to prioritize tasks and boost your efficiency, check out The Productivity Institute's Web site at addition to promoting Donald Wetmore's time-management and personal productivity seminars and executive coaching, the site offers loads of free tips. Among the highlights:

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* Choose "Articles online" for time-management insight. Topics include "Easing e-mail," "Meeting Madness," "Time Management Horse Sense" and "The Big Hole in Your Day." Hopefully you won't recognize yourself in "Procrastination Paula" or "Poor John."

* Browse through the time-management store for seminar books, videos and tapes on a variety of topics, or consider attending one of the workshops or booking a phone coaching session.