As good as a holiday

Sandra Rossi Attending a conference can be as good as a holiday. It is a welcome change from the office routine and also liberating to escape the shackles of a desk phone and PC. It is the same sense of freedom that accompanies a weekend away. That wonderful feeling of no responsibility and your only immediate priority is to sit back, listen and absorb. It's all good, particularly if the conference is informative and there is plenty of opportunity to network with peers.

I had a sense of this last week at Computerworld's debut conference. It may have been our first event, but there were plenty of seasoned speakers and the calibre of delegates in attendance was impressive.

There were very few industries not represented at our IT Leaders Forum with a good mix of interstate visitors from both government and the private sector.

Inspired by the level of interest it generated, we are already working to put together our next forum so stay tuned.

In the interim, I am keen to establish a Computerworld ThinkTank series that will address specific topics in a roundtable environment over breakfast or lunch.

I know how time-deprived many computer professionals are, which is why I would like it to be contained within a three-hour format rather than a full-day conference.

Each roundtable will address a specific topic allowing delegates to access quality information on a particular technology or issue by tapping into a network of experience that can guide the decision-making process.

Examples of successful implementations and thought leaders of any given topic will be on hand at the roundtable to share their knowledge with participants.

While everyone is invited to join the ThinkTank, I believe it's unlikely that everyone will want to attend every event, only those of immediate interest.

Therefore, I can provide a list of topics for the series so you can select your area of interest. Attendance will be kept to about 20 delegates for each session.

This will ensure each series maintains an exchange of high quality information.

Interestingly since the Forum, I have spoken to delegates about topic suggestions for the ThinkTank series suggesting Linux, VoIP or corporate governance. But the prevailing feedback is of interest in sessions dealing with software licensing or more specifically, Microsoft's Software Assurance program.

It seems readers are concerned about Microsoft's ongoing product delays and concerned about getting a fair deal.

What topics are of interest to you? Send your thoughts to the ThinkTank.