Windows-to-Linux migration made easier?

Linux vendor Lycoris has announced the release of PowerPak 1.4 which the copanyclaims will make running Linux applications easier and make migrating from Windows to Linux easier.

Lycoris developed PowerPak along with CodeWeavers, whose COO Jon Parshall explained how this new release will save money on Windows to Linux migration:

"Our system does not require a fully licensed copy of the Windows operating system, unlike other emulation solutions. The system works by spoofing Microsoft applications so they think they are on a Windows PC." While industry analysts have described the release as significant; some in the industry question whether Linux users will be completely won over.

James Governer, a software analyst at Red Monk, commented on the lukewarm reception he feels die-hard Linux fans will offer. "Most distros throw in everything including the kitchen sink when it comes to media handling, productivity tools and so on," he said. "SUSE, for example, packages pretty much every piece of relevant open-source code available. This is not an offering for Linux fans."

Lycoris PowerPak costs US$75 and is available from the company's Web site.