Oracle previews E-Business Suite 11i.10

Oracle continued to promote its new capabilities to integrate its products with applications from other vendors at the AppsWorld conference in San Diego this week by offering a sneak peak of those capabilities in Version 11i.10 of its E-Business Suite not due out till mid year.

The enhanced integration features include support for the OAGs (Open Applications Group) standard interfaces for application integration. Oracle will add approximately 150 OAG standards-based OAG business objects.

Ron Wohl, executive vice president at Oracle, characterized the integration technology as "a new set of integration based on Web services standards."

Brian Zrimsek, research director at Gartner, said that Oracle is finally recognizing that their customers run things other than Oracle.

"This is what they (Oracle) should have been doing all along to take ERP to the next level," said Zrimsek.

In addition to the OAG business objects, officials said it will include an "interface repository" to published E-Business Suite APIs.

The catalog will give IT departments the ability to search and view all such APIs.

Wohl also said that Oracle's11i.10 improvements are targeted at three areas: B-to-b integration with partners, application-to-application integration within the enterprise, and process integration to manage, coordinate, and process multiple pieces of software from disparate systems.

However, Wohl also said that all of the challenges around integration will not go away.

"In EAI, we can make it simpler but we can't make it trivial," Wohl said.

Oracle also announced feature enhancements to its vertical market solutions for construction and engineering, consumer-packaged goods, government and financial services, among others.

Support for RFID hardware and software has also been added.

Oracle E-Business Suite11i.10 is scheduled for mid-2004.