Lotus partners ready wares for Domino

While IBM Corp./Lotus is busy at its annual Lotusphere conference in Orlando outlining its product roadmaps, the company's partners will be showing off what they have built and how they may help users extend and breathe new life into Domino.

IBM/Lotus will detail how its Domino, Lotus Workplace and WebSphere software integrates and co-exists as IBM/Lotus tries to move corporate users toward its On Demand infrastructure.

Third-party vendors will continue to line up behind Domino, however, and its huge install base of more than 100 million even as they test the waters with the emerging Lotus Workplace platform, a set of collaboration components that run on WebSphere and DB2.

"The key with Domino is that it is an easy way to reach more than 100 million users," says Mark Ramos, president of Granite Software Inc. The anti-spam software vendor will unveil spamJam 1.1, which features new administration features and support for iNotes and Web clients, and several usability enhancements. The software was honored before Lotusphere with a Lotus Award in the "Best Messaging Solution" category beating out 14 other anti-spam tools. The spamJam software is a filter that helps administrators and end-users effectively detect and manage spam. The software uses whitelist, "spoof" detection, and blacklist filtering.

Some vendors will be releasing software that tests the waters with Workplace.

"We see that customers will be looking to migrate or deploy e-mail and collaboration out to deskless workers," says Andrew Wolff, vice president for DYS Analytics Inc.

The company is adding support for Workplace and IBM Lotus Team Workplace to its lineup of four e-mail and collaboration management products. The company also will unveil upgrades to its Control Software suite, which includes management tools for e-mail, replication, applications and collaboration. The new features include new chat logging, instant messaging and key phrase searching, and alerting services to ensure compliance with corporate guidelines for instant messaging usage. The 4.2 version adds health monitoring for IM and Web conferencing servers, and reporting tools for mailboxes and mail traffic. Email Control has been upgraded with new reporting and altering capabilities, and Replication Control includes interface improvements to ease the monitoring of server-to-server replication. DYS also will unveil its Email Control Desktop Edition, a version of the software for companies with 1,000 to 5,000 seats of Notes/Doimino. The software is slated to ship in April.

Some, however, are offering users the ability to step up to next generation technologies like the Java Platform 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) without abandoning Domino.

Brightline Technology will introduce its Brightline Application Server Enterprise Edition, which is a Java application server platform integrated with Domino. It allows users to host J2EE applications within Domino, and to use J2EE to extend and scale existing Domino applications.

Company officials say it provides the ability to manage J2EE from within Domino and eliminates the need to move to WebSphere.

The company also will demonstrate its forthcoming Brightline Portal Server, which has an open-source portal service and standard portlet applications that integrate with Domino.

A slew of other vendors also will take the wraps off products at the show:

-- Conferencing vendor Forgent Networks will unveil an extension to its Alliance platform that allows it to integrate with IBM Lotus Web Conferencing. Lotus Notes users will be able to use their familiar calendaring software to schedule audio, video, and Lotus Web Conferencing services along with attendees, rooms and outsourced services. The extension will ship this week.

-- Sybari Software Inc. will announce that its Antigen anti-virus software will be supported on Domino servers running on AIX and Sun Solaris. Antigen 7.0 for Domino supports Domino 6, R5, and R4 servers and features a new policy manager, content management features, file filtering enhancements and scheduling tools.

-- CipherTrust, will unveil IronMail 4.0, its anti-spam and e-mail security appliance. The software adds three new incremental spam detection techniques: URL Filtering, Domain Blacklists and an adaptive content analysis engine. It addition the software has been enhanced with the ability to assign anti-spam rules based on user, group or domain; and a genetic algorithm to automatically tune the detection techniques within its Enterprise Spam Profiler.

-- Captaris Inc. will unveil RightFax Gateway for IBM Lotus Notes. The client module links Lotus Notes with RightFax desktop fax features, allowing users to send, receive and manage faxes directly from their Lotus Notes 6.5, 6.5 and 5.0 clients. The module can be combined with the RightFax SecureDocs Module so Notes users can receive certified, confirmed document delivery.

-- Sybase Inc. subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions, will introduce the latest version of Pylon Anywhere, which provide server-based synchronization between Lotus Notes/Domino and mobile devices. The new version includes support for Domino 6.0, 6.5 and Exchange 2003. It also supports Smartphone 2002, the forthcoming Smartphone 2003, SMS-enabled devices, WAP-based phones and Web-connected PCs. Security has been enhanced with supports for FIPS 140-2 certified encryption between mobile devices and enterprise networks.