Novell launches Linux-only GroupWise

Novell Inc. announced that it is will be putting a Linux-only version of its GroupWise messaging and collaboration software into beta test in February.

The company, which has been revitalizing itself with a Linux strategy, claims that GroupWise 6.5 for Linux will ship in the first half of this year. It will include native support for Ximian Evolution e-mail and workgroup information management software, as well as the GAIM instant messaging client. GAIM is a multi-protocol client - for Linux, BSD, MacOS X and Windows - which is compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger and IRC, among others.

Users can also use the Windows client or the Cross-Platform client to access the GroupWise server.

GroupWise for Linux runs on SuSE Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The open beta is scheduled to be available Feb. 4 from Pricing for GroupWise 6.5 for Linux has not yet been determined.