Vic school installs Citrix WinFrame

Pembroke Secondary College in Victoria has upgraded its IT systems with the implementation of a thin-client/server solution from Citrix.

Installed in March this year, the project included implementing four Pentium 11 servers and WinFrame as well as Office 97, Netscape Communicator and other education applications on the servers.

According to officials, the Citrix WinFrame solution enabled Pembroke to share administration and resources, including library systems, computer applications, Internet and e-mail across its three campuses.

"WinFrame has emerged as the answer to our need for high-end network management functions," Phil Comport, campus principal, Pembroke Secondary School, said.

"Operating our PCs as terminals has greatly extended the useful life of some of our lower-end machines, such as the ATs and 386s in particular - and WinFrame has eased the immediacy of the bandwidth issues we were experiencing across our LANs and WAN."

Since the installation was completed, Comport said staff and students at the college had experienced benefits form the new technology.

"It has opened the way to new options in information sharing such as Internet data across the radio links," Comport said. "Enhanced student and staff access to systems from home is another attraction."