One.Tel selects Lucent to build GSM network

Lucent Technologies is to build the first stage of Australia's fourth national GSM network, telecommunications provider One.Tel has announced.

In the five-year deal worth $240 million, Lucent will design, develop and support the network, which will extend throughout Sydney's CBD and metropolitan areas.

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) granted One.Tel a GSM carrier licence earlier this month. The telco plans to launch its network in January 2000 and over the next five years will extend its network nationally to support two million subscribers.

Company officials told Computerworld that Lucent was selected for the project over competing vendors Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson.

"Partnering with Lucent for networking development and support enables One.Tel to continue to focus on expanding its core business in what is a highly competitive market," Stephen Moore, One,Tel's associate director for tech-nology, said.

Officials said One.Tel's network will include products and network capabilities including site acquisition, in-building coverage, quality monitoring and GSM 1800 network optimisation.

Officials said an announcement regarding who will be selected to work on the next stage of the network will be made in the next six to eight weeks.

"Two or three vendors in particular will be asked to quote on the next stage," officials said.

Officials also told Computerworld that One.Tel is currently negotiating inter-carrier agreements with all three of the competing incumbent carriers. No time frame on announcements was indicated, however.