Belgrade's B92 Internet station throws online party

Almost three months after the Yugoslav Federal Telecommunications Ministry shut down the physical headquarters of Belgrade-based radio station B92, the now Internet-only station threw a 24-hour party in the hope of reinstalling itself on the radio airwaves.

Radio B92 was on the air in Belgrade for 10 years before the government shut it down on March 21 this year for exceeding the allowed broadcast power level of 300 watts. The station was then forced to transmit solely from the Internet, where the Dutch access provider XS4ALL had already been transmitting the station's signals since 1996.

The NetAid 2 party was meant to bring together musicians, individuals, DJs, radio stations, and Net projects to protest against violence and repression, according to information posted on freeB92's site.

The site is accepting donations for the Solidarity Fund, which will provide assistance and support to journalists in distress, with the ultimate goal of getting B92 and other banned radio stations back on the air.

NetAid 2 features "streams and sounds" from Finland, Tibet, Amsterdam, California, Serbia, Montenegro, London, Czech Republic, Vienna, Sao Paolo, Hungary, Vancouver and Australia. There is also a 24-hour NetAid DJ marathon in Prague. B92 has already planned NetAid 3 for July 15.

NetAid 2 can be found on the Web at