Dot-coms take stock

Tech stocks swam against a generally downward current yesterday, signalling what could be a turnaround in the market's acceptance of dot-com companies.

Internet pure-plays such as Solution 6, BMCMedia, SecureNet and Sausage Software saw their stocks rise to their highest values in months despite slight dips in market indices such as the All Ordinaries Index.

Shares in web advertising company BMCMedia soared a massive 24 per cent, closing at 84.5 cents, while shares in Solution 6 gained ground, growing 3 per cent to $3.35.

Sausage Software stock defied an announcement that the company director had resigned, with shares closing up almost 7 per cent to $2.70.

Shares in SecureNet surged nearly 10 per cent, closing at $10.30.

Telstra fell just short of breaking back into the $7 club, where the telco/ISP giant once resided; shares closed up 3 per cent to $6.99 a piece.