Viruses named as top security threat

Australian IT managers have identified e-mail viruses as the number one security threat to the enterprise.

More than 65 per cent of companies in a Com Tech Communications survey identified e-mail viruses as the number one threat followed by internal risks by "malicious and careless employees".

Of 100 companies, 61 per cent of senior decision makers in large Australian organisations said security is discussed at board level and the IT department is held responsible for security threats.

Com Tech CIO Tim Smith said another concern was Web site defacement and URL hijacking which has affected 15 per cent of the companies surveyed.

"This can have an impact at all levels, from damage to brand and reputation through to downtime for companies with significant e-business operations," he said.

The most positive finding is that 95 per cent of those surveyed have a published Internet-usage policy for employees and 74 per cent undertake regular reviews of IT security