Broadband deal to meet growing demand

Australia's third largest broadband network provider, PowerTel Limited has announced a major capacity sale on its Sydney to Melbourne network to Nava Networks worth $230 million over 15 years.

Nava Networks is developing a multi-terabit system, Nava-1, linking Singapore, Jakarta, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

The project is due for completion late 2002.

As part of the agreement PowerTel will provide a second, totally diverse Sydney to Melbourne fibre link which is expected to be complete and earning revenue for the company by Q3 2002.

Customer demand for broadband is predicted to grow annually by up to 60 per cent as faster and richer technologies emerge.

The Nava-1 submarine and terrestial network will deploy the latest, high-bandwidth fibre optic cable technology, with each link using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing for maximum scalability.