Accenture opens R&D facility in Bangalore

Accenture today opened a research and development technology lab in Bangalore, India.

It is the fourth Accenture Technology Labs facility to be opened across the globe and joins two in the US and one in France.

Accenture Technology Labs-India will focus on R&D for systems integration and software engineering.

Global managing director for the labs, Scott Rose said the facility will create a vision of how technology will shape the future and invent the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions.

"In combining technology expertise with business acumen, our researchers take new and emerging technologies and create prototypes and cutting edge solutions that help our clients maximize future performance," he said.

The company already has a significant presence in India through its Global Delivery Network, with 17,500 professionals working in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, and serves more than 200 of the company's clients.

Accenture's Global Delivery Network has more than 44,000 people around the world providing a wide array of services in system integration, application outsourcing, and business process outsourcing.

In Bangalore, Accenture will research emerging technologies and approaches that can advance the software engineering lifecycle and systems integration approach.

These innovations can be piloted directly with delivery teams located in the Bangalore facility. Proven innovations will then be rolled out to delivery centres that serve clients globally.

Specific areas of research and development will initially include service-oriented and distributed software architectures; collaborative technologies; software development automation; data quality and large-scale distributed workforce management techniques.

Lab director Dr Lin Chase said the location is strategic.

"Bangalore is rapidly becoming a global hub for technology, R&D and software engineering. Some of the best researchers and developers in the world are based here and Accenture wants to tap into this wealth of talent to build on our research culture," she said.

We are hiring India's top talent to build assets that will fuel high performance for our clients over the next two to five years."

The Bangalore lab will have access to up to 2000 of the latest software development projects across Accenture.

Supporting this will be the company's Experimental Software Environment (ESE), giving researchers hands-on experience with new technologies.