Networks get the full serve

  • Byron Kaye (Computerworld)
  • 09 December, 1999 12:01

Systems integrator eServ has reinvented itself for the second time this year and branded itself an "Internet integration" company.

Ian Buddery, the company's managing director, said the company would continue to use the name eServ, but would provide both network and systems integration services to its existing 300 enterprise-level customers.

He said the transition process would take three years, but Buddery said the company did not plan to increase its customer base over that time.

"The issue will be finding the resources to meet existing demand," he said.

Buddery said 90 per cent of eServ's original customer relationships had remained intact since the company started up nine years ago as Sun Direct.

The company's virtually exclusive channel partnering with Sun and Cisco would also remain intact, he said.

Buddery said the decision to change the company model followed an eServ-funded investigation into the systems and networking needs of enterprises by independent research firm Sweeney & Associates.

He said the investigation showed businesses were investing in separate accounts for systems integration and network integration, and that most corporates had implemented Internet use "from the desktop PC up" rather than initial integration of the Internet with the company infrastructure.

With eServ expected to achieve revenues of $32 million this year, Buddery said the new service would see the company revenues increase to around $100 million for 2000-2001.