Patrol 2000 Delivers Elusive Integration

FRAMINGHAM (05/05/2000) - Users are welcoming the result of two years of integration that has changed a collection of tools from BMC Software Inc. and a couple of acquired companies into BMC's Patrol 2000, to be released Monday.

BMC had previously provided some bridging tools, such as Command/Post connectPatrol, delivered in March 1999. But while that afforded interoperability with the tools from the acquired vendors - Boole & Babbage and BGS Systems - tight integration is what users were really clamoring for, said John Summit, president of the Rocky Mountain Patrol User Group.

"The main things users are looking for is a single application, one installation procedure for all three, and a single agent with a common collector," Summit said.

That's what users get in Patrol 2000, said Steve Foote, an analyst at Inc. in Easton, Massachusetts.

Patrol 2000 knits BGS's BEST/1 application performance monitoring tools and Boole & Babbage's Command/Post service level management software with Patrol application management suite.

Instead of using three agents and three sets of data, the new Patrol uses one agent and a single repository of data based on the Common Information Model (CIM) standard, a kind of Esperanto for data.

All BMC applications and any CIM-enabled applications from other vendors can access Patrol's common repository.

With this version of Patrol, "BMC is going after e-business in a big way," said Tim Grieser, an analyst at International Data Corp. in Framingham, Massachusetts. The company has been moving away from a mainframe-centric lineup to an emphasis on distributed systems for four years, Grieser said. Gearing functionality to monitoring real-time e-commerce applications is "another major step in that direction," he added.

Foote spoke about life before Patrol 2000. Several years ago, when he was working as a consultant for Pfizer Inc. in New York, an application slowed, he said. Finding the cause - a poorly written SQL statement - took two days. And it wasn't fixed until five days after that.

"It took us seven days to do something using the bare-knuckles approach that [Patrol 2000] could do in 30 seconds," he said.

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