CA to ship database management tool

Computer Associates will start shipping the first product from its Platinum Technology acquisition that is fully integrated with its own Unicenter TNG framework.

Called ManageIT, the stand-alone software lets IT staff manage distributed applications and databases from a single point. ManageIT is based on a product suite called ProVision, which CA acquired when it purchased Platinum Technology last year. The product, announced last August, also has some added enhancements that hadn't been originally planned, CA officials said.

ManageIT's shipping date will be announced sometime in the next couple of weeks, Bob Ahlers of CA said. Moreover, it will be integrated with CA technologies, such as root cause analysis of network problems, available in the company's flagship product, Unicenter TNG.

ManageIT relies on special ‘knowledge agents' to gather information about application performance in the network. These agents report on anomalies in applications or in databases, such as Oracle or SQL Server. The data can then be processed by CA's Neugents, neural network tools that can evaluate and predict potential failures in applications before they affect end users, Ahlers said.

Among some of the new features, Ahlers said, will be the ability to defrag an Oracle database without having to take the application offline.

Pricing for ManageIT will start at about $5000, depending on individual customer requirements.


Unicenter TNG Framework

Unicenter TNG (The Next Generation) is CA's flagship enterprise management software and allows companies to manage environments from a standard management console. Unicenter TNG Framework integrates management of IT resources via a common, object-oriented infrastructure across multiple lines of business.

Key components:

* Real World Interface - visualisation services that tie things together at the level of human perception.

* Object Repository - ties things together at code level by describing the structure of information, explaining object relationships and interaction rules, as well as mapping instance data to an underlying database.

* Distributed Services - binds management elements together at the communications level.

* Value Added Services - features include support for remote installation and automatic configuration of operating systems, Web-based and wireless consoles, discovery and management of NetPCs, and Managed PCs.

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