BUYERS GUIDE: A snapshot of vendors supplying voice and data convergence products


NBX 100 Communications System

The 3Com NBX 100 Communications System is a LAN/WAN-based business telephone system combining voice and data on a single network infrastructure. The system eliminates the cost of installing two separate systems, according to the company, and allows organisations to grow from one to 250 nodes with up to 100 public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines without wholesale system replacements.

The system provides voicemail, unified messaging, computer telephony integration (CTI) and Web-based management. The NBX 100 system supports standards-based Quality of Service, so organisations can prioritise and expedite both voice and data traffic on the LAN/WAN to ensure clear voice communications throughout the enterprise.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9937 5000


Multimedia Communication Platform

Alcatel OmniPCX multimedia communication platform is the basis for a range of new and innovative converged voice and data applications such as wireless office, CTI for teleworking and Web-based call centres, as well as network management and services.

The Alcatel OmniPCX (formerly know as 4400 IP-PCX) is a modular switching facility that offers networked voice and data and can support 2000 exchange lines and 5000 extensions on a stand-alone system or up to 50,000 in a network today.

Pricing: depends on configuration.

Contact: (02) 9699 0044

Cabletron Systems

SmartVoice Gateway

The SmartVoice Gateway (SVG) is designed for customers who want to reduce the cost of intra-company voice and fax communications, Cabletron claims. The system combines voice and fax traffic (via IP) onto a single WAN network infrastructure.

The system connects to traditional analog phones, fax machines, key systems and digital PABXs. It generates dial tone, performs call set-up, samples and compresses voice/fax streams and packetises them into IP for transport across an organisation.

Pricing: SmartVoice Gateway 2000, 2-slot chassis starts from $740; SmartVoice Gateway 2500, 4-slot chassis from $1360 and SmartVoice Gateway 4000, 8-slot chassis from $3510. All prices ex tax.

Contact: (02) 9950 5900

Cisco Australia


Cisco's Avvid (architecture for voice, video and integrated data) encompasses converged client devices, infrastructure hardware and software, directory services, call processing, telephony and data, network and policy management.

Client Devices include the Cisco IP Phone 7910, a full featured model and 7910+SW, a basic-feature phone; infrastructure hardware includes the Catalyst 6000 Family and Media Convergence Server 7835 (MCS-7835). The MCS-7835 is engineered to run a variety of Cisco AVVID applications, such as Cisco CallManager and Cisco Unified voice messaging.

Directory services and Call Processing includes Cisco CallManager Version 3.0 extends enterprise telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, voice over IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications such as unified messaging.

Pricing: IP Phone 7910 from $1000. The Catalyst 6000 family from $10,000. Media Convergence Server from $5,000. CallManager Version 3.0 from $5000Contact: (02) 8448 and data networkComVergent Telecommunications markets an integrated data, voice and Internet network with multimedia capabilities including frame relay, modem and fax and will provide video and multimedia over the Internet while improving data speed, according to the company.

Contact: (02) 9551 1737

Nortel Networks

Enterprise Solutions

According to Nortel, Enterprise Solutions provides IP-based data communications solutions that enable interpersonal electronic communications for businesses of all types and sizes.

Several solution sets available include: ATM solutions for the LAN/Campus and WAN; LAN/Campus frame-based (Ethernet) solutions; WAN edge solutions; small/medium-sized business solutions; and VPN solutions. Offerings include Nortel Networks' Accelar routing switches, BayStack 10/100 Ethernet switches, Contivity Extranet Switches, Centillion ATM switches, Optivity network and Policy management and Passport Enterprise Network and Multi-service access switches.

Other solutions are designed for an organisation's call centre, enterprise mobility, multimedia communications and telephony environments. The Internet Communications Architecture (Inca) portfolio offers Enterprise Solutions for Meridian, Norstar, Meridian SL-100 and Matra based on IP technology.

Classic Telephony Solutions include the Meridian 1, Meridian SL-100, Matra, Symposium, Companion, and Norstar product lines. Enterprise Solutions also offers a line of business, residential, and public access phones with a wide range of features and capabilities.

Pricing: differs network to network.

Contact: Nortel Networks on:

(02) 9857 9333


InterXchange J7000

An Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)-based broadband switching system, the InterXchange is designed to meet the needs of multiservice communications environments with high-speed, high-capacity requirements. The InterXchange supports a broad range of services including voice, video and data and other circuit oriented applications with guaranteed Quality of Service.

Virtual eXchange J5000

The Virtual eXchange J5000 range performs the functions of a multiplexer, router, circuit switch and frame switch and is designed for voice and data applications. It is a multitrunk system supporting TDM, frame relay and dynamic TDM, giving organisations the flexibility and freedom to change technologies as their business needs change.

Price: on application.

Contact: 1300 138 455

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