Technauts Delivers Clustering for E-mail and Web

FRAMINGHAM (05/08/2000) - Looking to give enterprise users a more efficient and reliable way to use their Linux e-mail and Web servers, Technauts Inc. will debut clustering and load-balancing software at NetWorld+Interop 2000.

Sources briefed by the company say Technauts will introduce its Linux-based eServer. group software, which will let network managers designate which applications servers should respond at any given time depending on how much demand is being placed on corporate e-mail and Web servers.

In addition, network managers can use the software to set up a distributed cluster controller that can provide load balancing between servers. The software also can redirect traffic from a failing server in the cluster to an active box.

The software also features a load-balancing package that uses several criteria, such as client weighting, resource load and processor utilization, to redirect traffic. The load-balancing software works through an agent that lets the server distribute application processing across the clustered servers. Network managers can set policies that allocate server resources for specific applications related to Web-based applications or e-mail, for example.

Adam Clough, an analyst at Network Strategy Partners, says eServer's ability to address redundancy, failover and load balancing at the application level should be valuable to companies deploying Linux because the demand placed on e-mail and Web-based applications is volatile. In addition, the ability to adjust traffic without having to buy additional servers to accommodate peak demand can save money and downtime.

"If you need 80% of your servers to be serving e-mail first thing in the morning, you can, and then you can designate more for Web serving later," says Paul Levering, network operations manager at Metro Telecom in Raleigh, N.C., a local and long-distance telephone services and equipment provider and consulting firm.

The software can be purchased as a software package, or preconfigured on a server as a stand-alone package with eServer Web and e-mail applications, a plug-in for third-party applications such as Apache Web server or database engines, or turnkey hardware/ software.

If a user wants to purchase the software preconfigured on a server, it comes as a rack configuration that includes an Intel 400-MHz processor, up to 512M bytes of RAM and storage. With the clustering capability included, the total price of the hardware/software combination starts at $3,000 for cluster controllers and about $1,700 for cluster nodes. The eServer. group software can be managed via any standard Web browser.

Technauts: www.technauts. com

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