FRAMINGHAM (05/01/2000) - Authentication key: Code used by an algorithm to confirm the identity of a user on a system.

CAT3, CAT5: Category 3 and Category 5, which are types of network cabling. CAT3 can carry up to 16M-bps of data. CAT5 can carry up to 100M-bps.

Domain structure: Domains are lists of users, resources or devices that an operating system controls. The domain structure is how those users, resources or devices are organized.

Gigabit backbone: A backbone is the part of a network that handles the largest amount of traffic. A gigabit backbone can carry 1 billion bps of data.

Host detection: The ability to detect the presence of a host computer that provides data or application services to other Network Associates Inc.'s CyberCop Security Vulnerability Center, which is located at the Web site's Research An array of Windows 2000 links, including articles, white papers, newsletters and the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server page.

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