Tally Set to Ship Revised Asset Management App

LEBANON, N.H. (05/11/2000) - Tally Systems Inc. next month will release a renamed and completely redesigned version of its asset discovery and tracking application targeted at enterprise users.

TS.Census is the new name for the company's NetCensus product, but it also includes a list of new features that will allow IT executives to deploy the software to remote sites over a network and store data in a full-feature database.

Asset management is technology that helps IT organizations accurately take inventory of their hardware and software assets, as well as track those assets through their life cycle.

The improvements are a major leap over NetCensus, which users say was difficult to distribute across networks, and therefore restricted rollouts.

The new TS.Census supports TCP/IP as its native communications protocol, allowing any machine to tie into the software, even PCs not connected directly to the network. TS.Census is also now a client/server application with the advent of support for Microsoft SQL Server.

Other new features include flexible scheduling, scan-on-demand, 35 report templates and a query tool that can be used against a single workstation or groups of computers.

"With TCP/IP I can now do point-to-point communication between my data collection servers and I can run those servers at remote sites," says Tony Hughes, network specialist at Indian Health Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a regional branch of the federal health services agency for American Indians and Alaska natives. "It means I'm no longer limited to the number of servers I can network."

Hughes says he plans to have one locally administered server in each of his 13 area offices that aggregates data and feed it to the main office database.

"Under the old NetCensus tool I only had four offices and the main office because it was so difficult to tie things together," he says. He now plans to do asset management on 68,000 systems agencywide as opposed to 3,800 under his old infrastructure.

"As our customers got larger and larger, the issue became, 'How do you handle remote sites?'" says Karen Horvath, product manager for TS.Census.

In response, Tally Systems added a remote agent that can be installed via the Web to PCs not on the corporate network, allowing those machines to communicate with the database over TCP/IP. It also is adding the capability to publish reports to an Intranet so they can be read by users who do not have the TS.Census console.

TS.Census is expected to ship June 1 and the cost for 1,000 nodes is US$21 per PC.

Tally: www.tallysystems.com.

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