Compaq brings Java to NonStop Himalaya servers

Compaq is taking aim at enterprise users that want high-availability servers and Java's multiplatform flexibility. The company announced support for Sun's enterprise Java software release, Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), on its NonStop Himalaya servers.

Observers say the move will appeal to Compaq's existing Tandem Himalaya customers who want to Web-enable mission-critical applications, or provide high availability for their e-commerce sites.

By adding support for J2EE, Himalaya users can write Java applications that run on their Himalaya systems and Windows NT or Unix servers, and ensure that those applications will run without change on Himalaya servers. Compaq's Himalaya servers are designed to provide high availability for operating in 24x7 environments.

Allowing data to be accessed by multiple application servers could be a useful tool for users with multivendor servers and operating systems, especially because Himalaya servers have an SQL database all the time.

"Most of the Tandem customers have been developing for proprietary applications, but Compaq's support for Java gives them a platform where they can have the reliability of Tandem, plus build with Java," said Bhaskar Roy, chief operating officer of Opsol Integrators. Roy says the ability to write applications that run on Himalaya, as well as applications that could be accessed via a browser, would be more convenient for many users and save significant development time because Java-based applications can be written once and run on different platforms.

Compaq also announced the S74000 series of Himalaya servers. The high-end Himalaya S74000 server features a new microprocessor that enables applications to run 30 per cent faster than on the S72000 server. Compaq plans to migrate its Himalaya servers to the Alpha microprocessor in 2003.

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