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BOSTON (05/23/2000) - How can we build a Web page that would display the company name and phone number on a wireless Web phone using the Wireless Markup Language (WML)?

First, add entries to your Web server's Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions table for wml, wmls, wmlsc, wmlc and bmp extensions. For National Center for Supercomputing Applications-based servers, add entries to the mime.types file.

Next, create the WML file for your page. Each WML file begins with a document prologue followed by a "deck" of WML "cards."

The following WML file contains a deck with one card that displays the company name and phone number. Save it as index.wml for wireless Web access at index.wml.



" DTD/wml_1.1.xml"> Call ACME Today
411 555 1212
Tagline Goes Here, Accept No Substitutes
To automatically serve WML to phones and HTML to PCs, use a script or a program for your home page, and then evaluate and branch on the HTTP_ACCEPT or HTTP_ USER_AGENT headers to deliver the right file to the user.

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