Telco Systems Aims to Ease T-1, T-3 Provisioning

NORWOOD, MASS. (05/23/2000) - Telco Systems Inc. has begun shipping two products that could result in less expensive T-1 or T-3 lines for customers.

The new boxes, the EdgeLinkSTS/T1 and EdgeLinkSTS/T3, enable carriers to deliver T-1 and T-3 lines off of SONET rings. The devices can sit at customer sites as part of managed carrier services, or more likely, at carrier switching offices.

David Weissman, a Telco Systems vice president, claims the boxes are priced competitively with competing products from the likes of Carrier Access, but offer better reliability. The T-1 multiplexer, which handles 28 T-1 lines, offers a back-up channel for each line. Weissman also highlights the fact that the T-1 box is just one rack unit in height, making it easy to squeeze into cramped equipment rooms.

Weissman says the products should enable carriers to deliver T-1 and T-3 lines less expensively than they can using pricier add-drop multiplexers. Carriers are under pressure to deliver T-1 and T-3 lines for less in light of increasingly inexpensive digital subscriber line (DSL) offerings, he says. But he notes that T-1 and T-3 lines still have plenty of life in them, especially considering that they are much better suited for carrying voice today than is DSL and that installed PBXs tend to have T-1 interfaces, but not necessarily DSL ones.

Among Telco Systems' early customers is ATX, a service provider in Pennsylvania.

The T-1 device starts at $225 per port. The T-3 system, which handles up to 12 T-3s, starts at less than $4,800 per port.

Telco Systems:

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