TalkingNets Introduces Itself as a Voice ASP

WILMINGTON, N.C. (05/23/2000) - TalkingNets hopes to make it a snap for ISPs to add voice to their data portfolios.

The upstart service provider calls itself an application service provider (ASP). Voice is the only application it sells and ISPs are its target customer.

ISP voice services will be generally suited for branch sites with up to 12 phone lines. Adding and dropping lines should be easier because they can be carved out of the bandwidth on a single connection to the customer. Such changes are thus made without technicians coming on-site or stringing more wires.

TalkingNets' plan is to install an integrated access device (IAD) at customer sites. Customers then plug their voice and data gear into the IADs, and the IAD sends the merged traffic off on a single connection, either digital subscriber line, frame relay or ATM.

At the ISP, the voice traffic is shunted to a trunk into TalkingNets' network where phone calls would be processed using software-based local phone switches.

Phone calls destined for customers on the public phone network would be converted from packets to circuit switched traffic and diverted to traditional local and long-distance phone companies.

Calls bound for customers of other upstart packet-voice carriers would remain packets and be switched to those networks.

TalkingNets says it will wholesale its services to ISPs so they can in turn retail it at 25% less than traditional carriers charge.

The voice services will include Centrex features, long-distance,

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