InterSystems Campaigns to Counter Piracy

SOFIA (05/23/2000) - U.S. database vendor InterSystems Inc., represented in Bulgaria by DataMPlant, has hired two lawyers to fight what it alleges is the widespread piracy of its products in the country.

The legalization campaign began March 1, and runs through May 30. The lawyers have allegedly found that there are approximately 15,000 to 20,000 workstations using InterSystems' products in Bulgaria. The company estimates its losses from copyright violations amount to 10 million German marks (US$4.6 million).

On the list of alleged pirates of InterSystems software are Bulgarian Telecom (BTC), the National Electricity Company, DSK Bank and United Bulgarian Bank.

BTC said it abandoned InterSystems' products long ago, and has now migrated to using Oracle Corp. software and Hewlett-Packard Co.'s HP-UX. The other users claim they have bought licensed Caché software. Caché is InterSystems' database.

InterSystems' legalization campaign includes a 50 percent discount for its Caché database especially aimed at local users. The U.S. company has also started a migration program here for users moving from its MUMPS system to Caché.

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