Turning Feedback into Fixes

BOSTON (05/23/2000) - To make sure its site keeps meeting customer expectations, the online Warner Bros. store, WBStore.com, relies upon information from BizRate Inc. BizRate.com lets online customers rate the site's ordering and fulfillment process, plus their level of satisfaction after the goods are delivered. Warner Bros. uses that statistical and anecdotal information to make sure its pages are meeting customer demands. When they aren't, changes are made. Often, the changes are small but generate noticeable improvements in site usability. The following are three such changes:


Customer comment: "I was unable to find out what size ‘M' was for kids' shirts.

Is it 4-5 or 8-10?"

Problem: Order pages listed sizes as S, M, L or XL. But the sizing chart that translated those designations into appropriate size and weight was on a different page.

Solution: Sizing charts were added to the order pages.


Customer comment: "I wanted to find all adult clothing with Daffy Duck on it."

Problem: Customers often had an affinity for a certain Warner Bros. character, but the site wasn't exploiting that.

Solution: The site now lets customers slice and dice products by various categories, such as characters, types of clothing, types of toys and games.


Customer comment: "Would like to see a phone number for customer service. (Just in case there is a question.)"Problem: Customers often needed to call customer service, or if they didn't, were just reassured by seeing they had the option.

Solution: A link to customer service information was added on every page.

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