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Embarcadero Change Manager 3.0 Ensures Accuracy and Performance of Database Applications with Source Code Control Integration

  • 29 September, 2004 14:06

<p>New Release Extends Cross-Platform Functionality with Enhanced DB2 Support; Database Application Teams Streamline Development Process with Source Code Control Integration and DDL Extraction</p>
<p>Melbourne, Australia – 29 September, 2004 – Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMBT), a provider of data lifecycle management solutions, today announced the release of Embarcadero® Change Manager™ 3.0, its cross-platform change management solution. The latest version integrates Embarcadero Change Manager with popular source code control systems. By automating a normally manual and error-prone process, this new feature helps to
bring database administrators (DBAs) further into the database application release cycle, giving them the control they need to ensure that their schemas are consistent with the database application code. Additionally, Embarcadero Change Manager 3.0 has significant enhancements in support of the IBM® DB2® UDB platform, further broadening the company’s product portfolio for this important database.</p>
<p>“There are three top concerns for DBA’s. One is uptime, two is performance,” said Robert Dawson, database engineer at Janus Capital Group. “Number three is any change that could affect number one and two. Embarcadero Change Manager 3.0 reduces the risk associated with change across all the platforms we run on by giving us control to capture, compare, and synchronise our database schemas and objects.”</p>
<p>Embarcadero Change Manager’s source code control integration enables customers to store schema archives and associated DDL into Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe®, Serena® the makers of PVCS®, and IBM® Rational® ClearCase® repositories. This integration streamlines
development and deployment activities by linking the database schema – the structure of the database – to the application code which accesses that same database. Change Manager 3.0 provides DBAs an additional level of documentation by automatically extracting DDL during
archive capture. This DDL can also be checked into the same source code control system, right along side application code, ensuring consistency and lowering the chance of errors during application rollouts and upgrades.</p>
<p>Additionally, Change Manager 3.0 offers a “compare” facility to quickly validate, audit, and report on database schema differences; a command-line utility that allows capture and compare jobs to be embedded in regular nightly maintenance scripts; and powerful job notification
capabilities so DBAs can regularly receive information about their changes. For example, Change Manager quickly and easily validates that security levels imposed by DBAs remain intact and notifies DBAs if any infractions occur. With Change Manager 3.0, errors are reduced,
deployment times are faster, and maintenance costs are lowered.</p>
<p>“There is one constant in today’s business environment: change,” said George Kaponay, director for Asia Pacific at Embarcadero Technologies. “Today’s data professionals are looking for a solution that minimises the risk involved with change. Embarcadero Change Manager 3.0 automates and streamlines the complex and error-prone task of maintaining application database schemas in cross-platform environments. Additionally, it is a helpful integration tool that helps our customers quickly understand changes in their environments so
they can better optimise their data and database infrastructures.”</p>
<p>Embarcadero Change Manager helps development teams, quality assurance (QA) managers, database administrators, and IT directors collaborate and automate processes, ensuring the accuracy and performance of all applications. Embarcadero Change Manager delivers
productivity gains and reduces the risk of database development, especially in cross-platform environments with multiple development teams. Users achieve these enhancements by reducing inaccurate or unwanted code, and automating processes that are time-consuming and prone to human error. By automatically capturing snapshots of the database schema and comparing it with the current state of the database, Embarcadero Change Manager helps administrators pinpoint
changes and immediately address problem areas.</p>
<p>Change Manager enables database professionals to ensure data accuracy and relevance on Oracle®, Sybase®, Microsoft® SQL Server, and IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX and Windows®. Embarcadero Change Manager 3.0 is available now. To download a free evaluation
copy, please visit the Embarcadero download center at ttp://
For more information on Change Manager and other products from Embarcadero Technologies, visit Embarcadero Technologies website at, contact sales at +61 3 9861 4600, or send an email to</p>
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