Akamai stretches its wings

Akamai Technologies inked a handful of deals to extend the reach of its content distribution services at the ISPCON show in Orlando this week.

Cable & Wireless PLC singed a three-year deal with Akamai to install caching servers throughout Cable & Wireless' network. Cable & Wireless will provide Gigabit Ethernet connections between Akamai's servers and the ISP's network.

Akamai has similar server collocation deals with several ISPs including Digex, Genuity (formerly GTE Internetworking) and PSINet.

Akamai also is teaming with Loral CyberStar, an international satellite service provider, to better support Akamai's ISP customer's Usenet traffic and expand its network overseas. Loral CyberStar is offering free Usenet service to all ISPs that make up Akamai's Accelerated Network program. Loral CyberStar will also transport Akamai traffic over its global network of satellites.

The deal allows Akamai's ISP customers to move all Usenet traffic onto Akamai's network. Loral CyberStar is installing satellite dishes in at least 5,000 ISP sites around the world to transport the Usenet traffic more effectively.

Moving Usenet traffic off of an ISP's network lets Akamai's customers free up bandwidth on their backbones. And Usenet customers should see improved performance on Usenet sites because much of that content is being cached and stored on servers throughout Akamai's network.

Satellite transport service is a growing part of Akamai's network plans. Akamai is expanding its relationship with Cidera (formerly SkyCache) the satellite content distribution service provider. Akamai is now using Cidera's Streaming Media Service to offer Akamai customers satellite based content broadcast services. Cidera will send audio and video streaming content from Akamai customers to a minimum of 1,500 ISP sites around the world.

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