Linux may kill Windows?

I was intrigued by Sue Bushell's story ‘Linux may kill Windows: expert' (CW, May 22, p3).

While any innovation in the marketplace is always welcome, I think that for the majority of people using PCs and Macs, and that's nearly everyone above ground, it is certainly welcome that we have a common standard. Introducing an OS like Linux would once again force everyone to move towards a new standard.

For those of us who grew up on DOS and the early Macintosh without a standard, being able to send and receive files without having to worry about whether the file is in one of myriad formats is an innovation in itself. If the IT community, as this expert reckons, is to drop Windows and adopt Linux what will the new standard be? StarOffice? Corel Wordperfect Office? Gimme a break. I may not like Microsoft, but I like the fact that Office on the Mac is 100 per cent compatible with Office on the PC. And that Office is a worldwide standard. I for one am not rushing into Linux to have to travel the long road to establish a new, worldwide standard.

I would rather wait and let Linux mature and become a viable desktop alternative, with the thousands of applications that the Windows and Mac environment currently has, before I would even consider it.

Eddie Russell

PO Box 1352, Double Bay, NSW 2028

Yes, I'd also be surprised if this desktop Windows/desktop Linux prediction was on the money - Ed.

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