Making Web Tools Dynamic

SAN FRANCISCO (05/30/2000) - Static Web pages don't cut it anymore. Web designers now aim for dynamic, database-driven sites that allow them to change a layout or update content without having to rebuild individual pages.

Database Connections

Enter Dreamweaver UltraDev, from Macromedia Inc. (800/ 470-7211, UltraDev is tightly integrated with Dreamweaver 3.

But with UltraDev, the focus is on creating database-driven applications for Web sites.

UltraDev lets designers connect a Web page to databases. It supports popular application servers using JSP, ASP, and ColdFusion. Users can view, test, and edit live data returned to their Mac from the application server, reducing the time it takes to build a Web application.

At $599, UltraDev costs twice as much as Dreamweaver 3. (Dreamweaver 3 users can buy UltraDev for $299; Macromedia Drumbeat users can upgrade for $99.)Adobe offers a similar tool: its Dynamic Link for ASP feature allows users to connect to and deliver content from any ODBC-compliant database.

Adobe first released Dynamic Link as a downloadable plug-in for GoLive 4.0.1, but the feature is built in to GoLive 5.0.

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