FRAMINGHAM (04/03/2000) - -- Back door: A secret way of gaining access to a program or online service. Also known as "trapdoor."

-- Firewall: A system or combination of systems that enforces a boundary between two or more networks. The typical firewall is an inexpensive PC running a variant of Unix.

-- Microsoft Management Console (MMC): The software vendor's framework for management applications.

-- Modem-pooling software: Multiple modems serving dial-in or dial-out needs in one location, chassis or unit.

-- Virtual private network: A wide-area communications network that provides what seems like dedicated lines over what are, in fact, shared lines. This allows a private network to be configured within a public network for greater security.

-- War dialers: Software used to rapidly dial numbers to find live modems that will allow a connection to be made in order to compromise a system or Sample security policies from the SANS Network Associates' Covert Research Center; includes CyberCop-related links. Find information such as a security overview, alerts, risks and more. Information about Frequently asked questions about LanRover D56 from Intel Network LanRover D56 specifications.

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