Put Your Clik Drive in the Dock

SAN FRANCISCO (04/06/2000) - It's been a big for week for Universal Serial Bus connectivity at Iomega Corp. On Monday the company announced a USB adapter for Jaz drives. And on Wednesday, Iomega rolled out the Clik PC Card Docking Station.

The Clik drive, a PC Card for notebooks, uses thin 2-inch-by 2-inch removable cartridges that each hold 40MB of data.

The Clik PC Card Docking Station is available immediately and retails for $49.95. It hooks up to any USB-equipped PC or Macintosh. You insert a Clik cartridge into the PC Card drive, plug the drive into the docking station, and a Clik icon appears on the desktop.

The PC Card Clik drive is hot swappable, allowing instant transfer between desktop and notebook PCs without powering down or rebooting.

The Clik drive retails for $199.95, with additional cartridges selling for about $10 each in packages of ten. Iomega QuikSync software, included with the drive, allows automatic backups onto Clik cartridges. Each time you save a file into a specified folder on your PC's hard drive, a backup copy is automatically made on the Clik drive.

The Clik drive transfers data at a relatively leisurely 620KB per second, about a quarter the speed of a standard hard drive.

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