Legato Manages Heterogeneous Clusters

PALO ALTO, CALIF. (04/10/2000) - Legato Systems Inc. last week introduced two software packages that let customers cluster an unlimited number of Linux servers for fault tolerance and increased availability.

Dubbed eCluster and Legato Cluster Enterprise, they are the first products for Linux clustering that work in mixed Linux, Windows NT and Unix networks. Both packages support Caldera's OpenLinux eServer 2.3 and Red Hat Linux 5.1.

Negotiations with TurboLinux and SuSE are in the works, Legato says.

ECluster is designed for Web server farms. Legato Cluster Enterprise aims at enterprise resource planning, database and messaging applications. ECluster and Cluster Enterprise previously were available for Unix and NT.

ECluster also ships with a tool kit that enables it to work with Apache Web servers and a Perl scripting language that lets users configure, manage and automate tasks. Servers clustered with eCluster software can also be load balanced using Cisco's Local Director.

"Although our primary reason for looking at clustering technology is high availability, load balancing is a close secondary driver," says Kurt Wong of Visa International. He has been using Veritas software to cluster his Windows NT and Sun Solaris servers.

While several smaller vendors have announced software that lets homogeneous Linux servers be clustered for brute-force number-crunching and parallel scientific computing, Legato is the first to introduce scalable clustering software that runs on a variety of platforms. Veritas, its closest competitor, does not yet have Linux or Windows 2000 plans, although it is expected to introduce such plans this summer.


The company also introduced Legato wanCluster for Solaris and HP-UX, software that provides failover support between geographically distant sites.

Software included with wanCluster provides remote-site configuration and maintenance, and controls the resynchronization of data back to the original site if failure occurs. WanCluster works across T-1, T-3, ATM or IP connections.

ECluster and Legato Cluster Enterprise cost $2,000 and $8,600 per Linux server, respectively. Legato Cluster Enterprise for EMC starts at $3,400 per NT server.

ECluster for EMC Celerra costs $2,000 per server.

Legato: www.legato.com

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