Hitachi Launches First 128MB Micro DIMMs

TOKYO (04/13/2000) - Japan's Hitachi Ltd. is claiming good news for sub-notebook computer users and an industry first with the commercial availability of 128M-byte micro DIMM memory modules.

Its new 128M-byte micro DIMMs (dual-inline memory module) are the first such devices to hit the market, the company said earlier this week. Employing Hitachi's 64M-bit synchronous DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chips stacked two high, the DIMMs should help to satisfy memory-hungry users of sub-notebook computers.

Such computers, because of their size, cannot usually accommodate conventional memory modules, and so micro DIMM boards were developed with around one third less surface area than conventional memory modules.

Sample shipments are due to begin to manufacturers this month, and the 128M-byte boards will carry a sample price of 39,000 yen (US$370).

At the same time, Hitachi will begin shipping samples of PC100 compatible micro DIMM boards with 64M-byte and 32M-byte capacity for 15,600 yen and 8,400 yen respectively, the company said.

Hitachi, in Tokyo, can be found online at

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