Lumeta tool pinpoints weaknesses

Lumeta next month plans to update its network-inventory and security-scanning software to include visual mapping and data mining to learn more about how traffic flows through enterprise nets.

IPSonar 3.5 is expected to include analysis features as well as a more scalable design to let IT managers run frequent scans of the IP-enabled devices in their infrastructure. The product includes software sensors, which can come packaged as appliance for fixed deployments, as well as server software that acts as an aggregation point for the sensors. The product also includes software that sits on a centralized server and acts as the management and administration console. IT managers can also access the product via a Web-based interface to perform troubleshooting and view and generate reports.

IPSonar 3.5 will include MapViewer, which shows IT managers the routes traffic takes. The software scans and inventories all the devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls and more in a network. The software then creates a topological map of how traffic flows across the network to and from and through these devices. The MapViewer application would show, for example, an unknown server that is forwarding IP traffic and causing problems because the IT staff didn't realize the server was there.

"We can quickly show, and tell with text when users drill down, where traffic is going and how it's not working based on pre-defined policies," says Dave Arbeitel, senior vice president of strategic development at Lumeta.

MapViewer can give IT managers appropriate information to guard against security threats such as worms and viruses, Arbeitel says. The software can scan a network for specific protocols associated with specific threats and alert IT managers to leaks on equipment or servers.

"Viruses and worms exploit known holes in networks, sometimes based on protocols," Arbeitel adds. "We can perform network vulnerability assessments by showing IT staff where viruses or worms can get into the network."

The product can also now alert IT managers if their access control lists, firewalls, routers and switches are configured in a secure manner.

IPSonar competes with products from companies such as Bindview, Symantec and Internet Security Systems.

Available next month in the US, a deployment of IPSonar 3.5 to manage a network with up to 5,000 IP addresses costs about US$20,000.

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