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FRAMINGHAM (04/18/2000) - We use Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Information Server (IIS) for our intranet, Internet and extranet Web servers. Our mobile workers are asking for access to our servers through their handheld Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) devices such as cell phones. Can we use IIS as a Wireless Markup Language (WML) server?

To enable IIS to serve up WML for WAP devices, add five WML Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions-type associations to your server's MIME table. Open the Microsoft Management Console (available at Microsoft's Web site). Right click on the server you want to add WML capabilities to and select 'Properties' from the menu. Click 'File Type' under the computer MIME map heading in the IIS tab, then click on 'New Type'. Enter 'wml' in the 'Associated Extensions' box and enter 'text/vnd.wap.wml' in the MIME content-type box. Repeat the process, and associate 'wmlc' with 'application/vnd.wap.wmlscript'. Add an entry to associate 'wmls' with 'text/vnd. wmlscript'. Add another to associate 'wmlsc' with 'application/vnd.wap.wmlscript,' and add an entry associating 'wbmp' with 'image/vnd.wap.wbmp'. Now you can serve WML pages from IIS. You can use Active Server Pages to access databases and create dynamic pages by adding '' to the top of your page so the server will return text-based WML content WAP devices understand.

Blass is a network architect at Sprint Paranet in Houston. He can be reached at

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