Job Titles: Network Manager

SAN MATEO (04/24/2000) - Network managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company's network infrastructure, including maintenance and troubleshooting.


Average salaries:

Nationwide - $61,656

West - $69,877(*)

Midwest - $59,034

South - $53,488(*)

Northeast - $66,445(*)

Percent receiving bonuses:

Profit-sharing bonus - 35.2%

Annual personal performance bonus - 47.9%Team performance bonus - 18.7%Bonus for completion of major project - 6.1%Raises:

Average 1999 salary increase - 8.9%


Percent who feel fairly compensated - 61.2%Vital statisticsPlace in organization:

Average number of direct and indirect reports - 4.9Average budget for computer-related equipment - $3.57 millionBusiness/technology focus:

Percent who focus primarily on technology - 47.6%Percent who focus on both technology and strategic business problems - 49.8%Highest level of education completed:

Bachelor's degree - 56.6%

Master's degree - 24.2%

Time on

Average workweek - 48.7 hours

Percent on call - 74.3%

Percent compensated for being on call - 19.9%Time offAverage vacation, paid sick days, and holidays - 28.9 daysPercent offered flexible work hours - 52.6%Career path"A possible next step for a network manager is either to move into an IT management role where they would oversee a team of network managers [or] administrators, or if they didn't want to pursue the management route, another step is to move into more of a network engineer role where they take on more network design and implementation responsibilities."

-- Cathy Neubauer, senior technical recruiter, Pencom Systems Inc., Reston, Virginia.

Professional resources

SANS Institute -

Network Professional Association - www.npa.orgNetwork Management Forum -*)Data is based on fewer than 30 respondents and is unstable.


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