It's Qualitative, Not Quantitative

FRAMINGHAM (04/24/2000) - BuyerTouch Inc. CEO Mike Bezona emphasizes his company's qualitative research and focus on the user experience. This secret-shopper methodology is one type of market research; others include quantitative measurements of popularity such as customer surveys asking for ratings.

BizRate Inc.

Los Angeles

This is a rating service for e-commerce sites. BizRate asks people who have made purchases on certain sites to fill out a survey rating facets of their experiences - ease of ordering and quality of the delivery service, for example. The company collects demographic information and statistical information about individual transactions. It also offers some qualitative information in the form of the text of shoppers' comments.

Media Metrix Inc.

New York

This company provides information about who's surfing what, when and for how long. By linking audience usage patterns with demographic data collected via its Q-Metrix service, Media Metrix can come close to giving a complete visitor profile. However, it doesn't offer directed, qualitative information like that provided by BuyerTouch.

PC Data Online Inc.

Reston, Virginia.

Concerned mostly with site traffic, PC Data Online uses statistical sampling techniques among 120,000 participants to project measurements such as a site's unique visitors and total hours of viewing. The company also does custom surveys and is able to segment its database in a number of ways; for example, it can target groups based on their purchasing and travel habits.

Vividence Corp.

San Mateo, California.

Focusing on the user experience, Vividence is a close competitor of BuyerTouch.

It uses the same business model of prequalified testers who are selected for particular projects, based on their demographic profiles. Testers have to use a custom browser that tracks their clickstreams as they perform a set of tasks.

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