AVT Focuses CallXpress 5.3 on Mobile Workers

SAN MATEO (04/25/2000) - With an increasing number of employees doing their work outside of an office and often away from a desk, AVT is offering companies another option for keeping everyone connected in the mobile working world with the next version of their unified messaging product, CallXpress Enterprise Version 5.30.

Version 5.30, unveiled on Monday, adds more voice capabilities to the unified message suite, including voice reply to e-mail and Live Reply, which allows a user to respond to e-mail, voice mail, or fax with a direct phone call, and increases the types of e-mail attachments a user can access over the phone.

"Think of replying to an e-mail message if you're a mobile worker. You're dashing through O'Hare International Airport and you listen to that e-mail, because you're not taking the time to get out your notebook computer and plug it in and download your messages. How are you going to reply?" asked Joseph Staples, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at AVT. "The quickest and easiest way is press a key, record a voice response, and send it off. It's really just driving at the fact that everyone has access to a telephone, so for that mobile worker, it just eases the method that they can communicate."

Staples said that because customers are less willing to accept travel excuses when their messages go unanswered, companies must make sure their employees can keep in touch when on the road.

"We look at work and say 'work is an activity, not a location,' so I'm not going to hard-wire the employee by making tools just for those people that sit at desks," he said. "It's really anytime, anywhere communications. I don't care what kind of message it is -- it could be voice, fax, or e-mail -- and I don't really care where you are, and I don't care what kind of device you're using, but you can access those messages."

AVT also added a Global User Administration client application to the CallXpress e-Admin Connection suite, giving administrators a unified view of multiple CallXpress systems so they can monitor user account activity and make account changes simultaneously.

Future plans for AVT include tighter integration with Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange as well as tighter directory and administration integration to ease CallXpress deployment. Future services targeted at mobile workers will include calendaring features, which would let a user schedule and confirm meetings on their calendar directly from CallXpress, as well as a Find Me-Follow Me service, Staples said.

"Instead of your only option being leaving me a message, depending on who you are, the time of day, and what I'm doing, there's an opportunity for you to press a button and have the service and system actually try and find me," explained Staples, noting that the system could call a cell phone, pager, or home phone in an order specified by the user.

CallXpress Version 5.3 will be available for purchase within the next 30 to 45 days.

AVT Corp., in Kirkland, Wash., is at www.avtc.com.

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