Networking Startup Looks to Make Good with QoS

Sitara Networks Inc., a young provider of network equipment, is looking to hitch a ride on the wave quality of service (QoS) has created in the networking arena, claiming to provide a comprehensive suite of features that no other vendor has yet offered.

Founded two years ago by venture capitalists, Sitara provides what it calls QoS appliances, boxes that are designed to improve the performance and cost efficiency of applications delivered over IP (Internet protocol) networks including the Internet, said Thomas Aucella, consultant for international sales, Sitara.

As more users within an organization gain access to the Internet, so does the amount of data running over the network, where downloads over the Web are "eating up the network", Aucella added.

It is becoming a problem for IT managers, who are finding it hard to define problems when they occur and address them quickly, he said. "That was the genesis for Sitara's founding - to resolve this issue," he added.

Come early April, Sitara will be unveiling its first suite of products in Asia, a region the company hopes will eventually contribute 25 percent of its total business, he said.

The Sitara QoSWorks offerings sit at the edge of the network, between the router and LAN clients, and are jam-packed with various QoS features such as wire-speed classification, bandwidth and latency policy setting, and transparent Web caching, Aucella said.

"Today, what we see is that we have no head-on competition in all the products we've addressed," he said. "The scope and breadth of our products will be our differentiator, where none of the companies like Cisco, Xylan, and Lucent, offer a solution like ours."

QoSWorks automatically discovers, classifies, and reports on application traffic flowing over the network, according to Sitara.

"This information enables network managers to set bandwidth and priority policies within minutes by application, user, time-of-day or connection," said the firm. "Once policies are set, they can monitor application performance against desired policies on a real-time basis, and also monitor network performance against service level agreements provided by carriers."

Until its official product launch, Sitara is now investing heavily its marketing activities, and building brand awareness, Aucella said, adding that the company has also started training its business partners and pumping up its channel program.

Sitara sells its wares via resellers and system integrators, and is currently looking to recruit 14 channel partners in Asia-Pacific (including Japan), where Singapore is its regional headquarters, he said.

The firm recently garnered about US$39 million in funds, and boasts a board of shareholders and investors that carry major names, including America Online, Intel, and Sumitomo. Sitara is also looking at an IPO possibility towards the end of the year, Aucella revealed.

Sitara is at

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