Verilink to introduce new IADs

MADISON, ALA. (03/01/2000) - A long-time supplier of frame relay devices and DSU/CSUs has introduced a line of economical integrated-access devices designed to let an enterprise attach different-sized sites to a variety of high-speed carrier services, including robust new digital subscriber line (DSL) options.

The new WANsuite family from Verilink Corp. is a set of concentrators for voice, data and Internet traffic ranging from those designed for small, fractional T-1 sites to ones that want to take advantage of the new high-bit-rate digital subscriber line, two-wire (HDSL2) standard. HDSL2 is a two-wire equivalent of T-1 over copper.

HDSL2, which runs over two wires instead of the four ordinarily required for T-1, is expected to be used by DSL carriers as a way to provide symmetrical T-1 service at about 40 percent below typical Bell T-1 prices. Verilink says it won't release the product before a final standard is ready.

Though Verilink hasn't announced any carrier agreements for the product line yet, WANsuite is expected to form the customer premises equipment component of upcoming carrier integrated-access services.

The boxes also will be available directly to enterprises setting up widespread converged networks of their own.

The first two boxes, scheduled to be available later this month, are the WANsuite 5130 and 5160.

WANsuite 5130, with a list price of $1,295 per unit, is a single-port, service-aware T-1 or fractional T-1 integrated-access device. WANsuite 5160, priced at $1,695, adds a DSX-1 port.

In May, Verilink will add a smaller box for a single 56/64K-bps connection at $995, plus a product for E-1 connections commonly found in Europe.

Expected during the summer is a product called WANsuite DSL, which connects to HDSL2 WAN interfaces.

A major pitch for the new devices will be their ability to collect data about traffic throughput differentiated by type of service and protocol in 96 consecutive 15-minute intervals. That way users - including those who buy managed integrated-access services - can have a way to check the network's performance against their carrier's service-level agreement.


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